Multidisciplinary Research Team – Experiences

Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation, Education and Engagement Team Experiences

The goals of the Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation, Education and Engagement Team Experiences for All Students are to:

  1. Impact the teaching, research, innovation, and engagement of faculty team leaders,
  2. Empower students to become researchers, innovators, educators, and leaders who are engaged in STEM advancement,
  3. Enhance students’ 21st-century competencies, including research skills, understanding of various disciplines, and abilities to work collaboratively with others,
  4. Increase students’ interest and engagement in STEM-related issues, and
  5. Increase overall STEM literacy.

The faculty from several JSU academic departments will engage students in multidisciplinary research, innovation, education and engagement projects.  The culminating activity will be a Project Competition. Projects will be judged by a panel of reviewers.

We hope that students from all academic majors will take full advantage of this opportunity to enhance their academic skills.

Note: Students who participate in The First in the World Multidisciplinary Team Project will receive Community Service hours.