Program Abstract


The goals of the Integrated STEM Experiences for All project are to improve teaching and learning in STEM disciplines, to increase retention and graduation rates, to increase the STEM literacy, and to transform the institutional culture at JSU to stimulate enthusiasm about STEM education. The target population reflects JSU’s student body, which is 93.2% African Americans and 82% Pell Grant eligible.  A total of 160 faculty and 1,280 students from various disciplines and levels of readiness will be impacted and more indirectly impacted. One hundred twenty-eight faculty and 640 students will form sixteen integrated teams that will be engaged in these strategic activities:  Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation, Education, or Engagement Teams; STEM Workshops; Mid-Year Project Review; Culminating Competition; and Collaborative STEM Course Redesign.  Thirty-two STEM faculty and 640 STEM students will be engaged in discovery-based courses, bringing the real world into the classroom, and engaging students in the excitement of research, discovery, and innovation.  The anticipated outcomes include:  increased STEM retention and graduation rates; enhanced STEM literacy of graduates; increased analytical, problem solving, and leadership skills; successful faculty/student multidisciplinary partnerships, transformative STEM educators; and a replicable model that will contribute to the U.S. preeminence in STEM education.