Specific Aims & Activities


Specific aim of the FITW:

To integrated STEM Experiences for All Students

The objectives of the FITW in STEM Education:

  1. Strengthen course delivery approaches to STEM education
  2. Impact the teaching, research, innovation, and engagement of faculty team leaders
  3. Empower faculty to lead multi-disciplinary teams of students to solve challenges
  4. Empower students to become researchers, innovators, educators, and leaders
  5. Enhance students' 21st century competencies
  6. Increase students’ interest and engagement in STEM related issues
  7. Increase overall STEM literacy
  8. Provide institutional support and an infrastructure that supports a transformative and collaborative learning environment

Activities of the FITW

Major activities of the FITW include the following:

  1. Redesigning STEM Courses
  2. Transforming Lab Courses into Discovery-Based Courses
  3. Multi­disciplinary Teams -Research -Innovation -Education -Engagement
  4. Yearlong Series of STEM Workshops -Research -Innovation -Education -Engagement
  5. Team competition
  6. Mid-year review
  7. Final competition


FITW Application