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School Information

Registration for Schools November 30, 2021

Each school must submit a School Registration form to the Region II office no later than November 30, 2021, to secure your school’s attendance at the Lower and Upper Region II Fairs. The information page SRC/IRB committee forms must be completed properly in order to participate. School registration forms can be emailed to


Participant Fees

Each participant project submission will cost $15.00 per student. A team project is $15 per team member.

The $15 per participant fee must be paid on the due date of the project registration for the Upper and Lower Fairs. Payments may be mailed to College of Science, Engineering & Technology, ATTN: Kristy Love-Kendrick, P.O.Box 18750, Jackson, MS 39217. If you need an invoice please let me know before the deadline so I can email you one.

Project Categories

Projects must fall under the following categories at the school, regional, and state fairs:

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Microbiology
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mathematics and Systems Software
  • Robotics and Intelligent Machines
  • Plant Sciences
  • A complete list and full description of Project categories

Display and Safety Guidelines

Due to the fairs being held virtually this year, we will not have Display and Safety Guidelines in place, HOWEVER, you must make sure that your student follows these rules during their video submission.

  • The experiment should be done BEFORE submitting your project, the video IS NOT the time to recreate your volcano, rainbow in a jar, or show us how your robot moves.
  • The experiment items may be placed on the table with their board if the school allows, BUT they may not touch or move them during the video.
  • The video is time for you to discuss your project, not demonstrate how you did it.

Project Judging

Each project will be judged based on their video submission and photos.  If a Best of Fair Candidate is at your school, we will contact the Key Teacher to set up a private ZOOM meeting with the Student, Judge, and Key teacher for further judging.

Please view the judging rubric below to assist your students on what needs to be discussed during their project video.


Awards will be announced once all judging and tabulations are completed.  Virtual judging may take longer than the allotted week so we will send an announcement to all schools when the awards telecast will be available.

All awards will be mailed to the schools after announced.

How to implement a Science Fair

Do you need assistance or information on how to implement a science fair in your school or at home?   Please follow the link below for details that can help you as a teacher, parent, or student during the science fair process.