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Lower Fair

(1st – 6th Grade)

2022 Region III Virtual Lower Fair Date:  March 21-25, 2022

Once a school has completed their local school fair,  they must complete the Student Registration form and all required project forms for any student that will be participating in the Region II Science Fair.  If a school has low participation in the Science Fair, they are allowed to for-go a school or school district fair and send all participants to the Regional Fair, with the permission of their Administration.

Each school has the option to bring 1st – 6th place in each grade (1st – 6th) and each of the 13 science categories.  That means that there is the potential to bring 78 students per grade for your school if approval is granted by your administration.  The lower fair is divided into two classes: Class 1 (1st – 3rd grades) and Class 2 (4th – 6th grades).  Each participant will be judged virtually against their peers in their class and category.  Follow the steps below to register your school and lower fair students for the Region II Fair.

Participant Fees

Each participant project submission will cost $15.00 per student.   A team project is $15 per team member.  Fees should be turned in by the key teacher, school, or school district for all projects participate from their school. However, if your school is not participating and you are entering payment can be mailed to the address below.

The $15 per participant must be paid on the due date of project registration for the Upper and Lower Fairs.   Payments may be mailed to: Jackson State University, College of Science, Engineering & Technology, P.O. Box 18750, Jackson, MS 39217, ATTN: Kristy Love-Kendrick.  You, as the key teacher, are responsible for making sure the district receives the invoice for payment and that the check is cut and mailed to our office.

Project registration is not completed until a participation fee of $15.00 is received.

Project Type

The lower fair participants are only allowed to use a trifold board for their science fair project and video.   The board must be 32″ to 48″ wide and 28″ to 72″ in height.  Four photos of this board must be submitted with the project video.  One photo of each side of the board and one photo of the entire board.

Required Forms for Lower (1st-6th Grade) Virtual Fair

The required forms for Lower (1st -6th Grade) Virtual Fair are:

  • Typed Abstract saved as Word or PDF document
  • Electronic Student Registration Form
  • Video Submission

STEP 1: School Registration (Due November 30, 2021)

Each school must submit a school registration form to the Region II office no later than November 30, 2021 to secure your school’s attendance at the Lower Region III Fair.  The School Information page, SRC Committee page, and IRB Committee page must be completed properly in order for Region II to accept the forms.   Forms were emailed with the coordinator’s packet.

Step 2:  Abstract (due with Student Registration Form on March 8, 2022)

The student abstract should be typed in a word document and uploaded to the Student Registration Form, below, before submitting. Please type the abstract and save it to your computer to be uploaded to the Student Registration form at the time of submission.

The student abstract should meet the following qualifications:

  • 25-250 words long
  • typed on a word document and either submitted as Word or PDF
  • 12 point font in Times New Roman, single-spaced.

The abstract should include the following information:

  • Participants name, school, grade, category number, and project title at the top
  • purpose of the experiment
  • procedure
  • data
  • conclusion

STEP 3: Student Registration Paperwork (Due March 8, 2022)

An Electronic Student Registration Form must be submitted to participate in the Region III Science Fairs.  Please complete the electronic form below, attach the abstract to the form before submission, and submit the form no later than the deadline above.

Step 4: Video Submission (Due March 8, 2022)

Each participant is to submit a 3 to 5-minute video of themselves discussing their project in detail, as they would with the  judges at a face to face fair.  This video will be used for the virtual fair judging.  Please follow the rubric below regarding what to discuss in your video.


  • To protect the privacy of student presentations, we are requiring that only key teachers submit the videos.  Please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to submit the pictures and videos.
  • Save your student video to your computer or phone as “student first and last name_video”. (Example: Jane Doe_video)
  • Take a picture of each side of the trifold board and save to your device as “student first and last name_picture #”. (Example: Jane Doe_picture 1, Jane Doe_picture 2, Jane Doe_picture 3, Jane Doe_picture 4).
  • Click the link below and drag/drop the video and photos into the drive link. (link will be posted at a later date)
  • Email us at when this is complete so that we can verify that we have received all projects in the link.

Please remind your students of the following information when recording their judging videos:

  • The experiment should be done BEFORE submitting your project, the video IS NOT the time to recreate your volcano, rainbow in a jar, or show us how your robot moves.
  • The experiment items may be placed on the table with their board if the school allows, BUT they may not touch or move them during the video.
  • The video is time for you to discuss your project, not demonstrate how you did it.