JSU Vision

The First Year Experience program embraces the vision, mission and core values of the univeristy.

Vision Statement

Building on its historic mission of empowering diverse students to become leaders, Jackson State University will become recognized as a challenging, yet nurturing, state-of-the-art, technologically infused intellectual community. Students and faculty will engage in creative research, participate in interdisciplinary and multi-instructional/organizational collaborative learning teams and serve the global community.

Mission Statement

Jackson State University is a historically black, coeducational, doctoral research-intensive university of higher learning that has been designated by the state Institutions of Higher Learning as the Urban University of Mississippi. The University functions as a community of learners in which teaching, research and service are central to its total learning environment. The University maintains a commitment to effectively serve students from diverse academic, social, economic, ethnic and geographic backgrounds. The University also utilizes its human, cultural and physical resources to enhance the surrounding metropolitan community. It further develops responsible leaders who are capable and willing to seek solutions to human, social and technological problems, with special emphasis on those relevant to the metropolitan and urban areas of the state, the nation and the world.

Core Values


The University believes that its role as a historically black university inspires and exemplifies positive societal change.


The University believes in the principled exercise of leadership and the sanctity of the public trust.


The University believes in an experimentally enhanced learning environment where teaching, research, and service are integrated and mutually reinforcing.


The University is committed to creating a community, which affirms and welcomes persons from diverse backgrounds and experiences and supports the realization of their potential.


The University responds to the needs of society to the best of its ability and expects its graduates to do likewise.


The University believes in and accepts its duty to enhance each generation’s capacity to improve the human condition. 

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