The Jacksonian Pledge

(First given by the Class of 2010)

I__________________________pledge that no matter where I am from, 
and no matter what path I took to get here, from this point forward I am, 
and will forever be, a Jacksonian. 
I pledge to live the core values:

Tradition – Accountability – Learning – Nurturing – Service

I also pledge to train my mind to constantly seek new knowledge,
Preserve my body so as to enjoy the fullness of life, 
and nurture my spirit and the spirit of others so as to help make the world a better place.
Finally, I pledge to live each day with three priorities as my guide:

  • The first is God
  • The second is Family 
  • The third is Jackson State

These things we pledge, as the class of _____on this _____ day of ____________ .