The Graduate School



 Please take the following steps to complete the Graduate English Competency Examination Application:


1. Fill out the application form, placing the date of the examination on the form.  The date is listed on the Official Graduate Calendar.


2. Take the form to the Business Office and pay the testing fee which covers the cost of the examination.


3. Return the form to the Graduate School along with a copy of the cashier receipt received from the Business Office.


4. The deadline for submitting applications to the Graduate School is on or before the deadline date specified in the Graduate Calendar.


5. Be on time to take the examination.  Please note that the Graduate English Competency Examination is an entrance examination and should be taken no later than the first year of enrollment.


Sample GECE available online at-

This form can be completed on-line and printed to obtain the required signatures.

Name      Student ID #

                                     Street # and Name                                 



                        City                                                         State                            Zip Code

Email Address

*Testing Infomation will be sent to this address

            Major                    Advisor


 *Desired Examination Date                         ______________________________

                                                                                                                         Advisor's Signature


       ___________________________________            Date ________________

                           Student's Signature



*If you do not take the examination on the date indicated on this form, you MUST re-apply to take it at a subsequent date.