Class Registration

Freshmen, sophomore and transfer undergraduate students must meet with their first year undergraduate advisor for class selection. Juniors, seniors and graduate students should meet with their advisors in their respected departments. After course selections, please note that the process for students to finish the registration process has changed. Students will no longer need to click a button to complete the registration process. The university will begin completing student’s registration on August 16, 2014 and then every 10-15 minutes thereafter. As students are awarded financial aid, make payments to their accounts or participate in the payment plan, their account will meet the criteria for the charges to be accepted.  Student may review their registration status and other items by following the instructions below:

1.  Go to and click ‘JSU PAWS’ at the top of the JSU Homepage.  

2.  Enter User ID (J number or SSN) and PIN. If you do not know your PIN, click the ‘Forgot Pin’ button and follow instructions to create a 6-digit PIN.

3.  From ‘Main Menu’ click ‘Student & Financial Aid’, then click ‘Registation’, then click ‘Fall 2014 Registration Services’. You will see four links: Check Registration Status, Add/Drop Classes, Add Charges, Make a Payment.

4.  When you click ‘Check Registration Status’ you will see “Charges not Accepted” or Congratulations, your Registration is completed!. You will also see: class schedule, student account, financial aid link for accepting loans , purchase books and refund or balance. If you have a balance, you will see the ‘Credit Card and  Payment Plan ’ button.

5.  Click ‘Add /Drop Classes’ to adjust your schedule

6.  Once your registration has been completed, Click ‘ Add Charges’ to add a supercard voucher, parking decal, and photo ID. Please note that if you have not completed the ‘Federal Title IV Funds Authorization Form’, this form will appear when you click ‘Add Charges’. Once this form is completed, you will be able to add charges.

7.  Click ‘Make a Payment’ if you need to make a payment.