Jackson State University (JSU) has launched the "Go Blue –  Be Green" Recycling and Sustainability Program under the leadership of our First Lady Mrs. Deborah E. Bynum.  Under her tutelage, a Steering Committee was formed and consists of more than 25 members representing students, community partners, and faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds in communication, education, administration, environmental field, community development, recycling and solid waste management.  Mrs. Bynum chairs the committee, which meets weekly since its inception.  

The purpose of the "Go Blue –  Be Green" Recycling and Sustainability Program is to expand the recycling and waste reduction opportunities campuswide to more than 50 buildings and facilities on the main campus. Phase I serves as the pilot and begins with the placement of recycling bins in the J. P. Jacobs Administrative Tower and the Student Center.  Future phases will extend to recycling initiatives to academic buildings, dining hall, residential dorms, and other campus facilities.  

It is our primary objective to make JSU an environmentally-friendly institution of higher education. It is also our desire to engage students and employees in the awareness about the continually growing impacts of trash and emissions from burning fossil fuels. Already, the "Go Blue –  Be Green"  campaign has successfully launched various student-led JSU events.  Majority of the program costs will be sustained by donations, sponsorships from the private sector vendors, and publicly available grants.

We are also taking a fiscally-responsible approach to reducing costs of the University's waste collection being hauled to local landfills.  Eventually, the committee intends to incorporate other environmental projects, such as utility cost savings initiatives, installing solar panels on rooftops, minimizing water consumption through installing environmentally-friendly faucets, low-pressure toilets and showerheads, establishing bike and walking paths, and similar measures.  Some of these initiatives will reduce our utility bills and promote healthy living in the JSU community.

Our environmentally-oriented activities will minimize JSU’s carbon footprint, enhancing our participation in a campaign for curtailing the release of carbon dioxide, methane and other global warming gases that contribute to rising in the earth’s average temperature.

Join the "Go Blue –  Be Green" movement! If you have any questions regarding the recycling program, please contact Mrs. Paulette Bridges at 601-979-1228. Please email Dr. Kimberly Hilliard at kimberly.d.hilliard@jsums.edu if you would like to attend the committee meetings and volunteer.