How do I take a leave of absence from the University?

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Under special circumstances such as illness, family hardship or military service a student who is a degree candidate may be given a leave of absence. In order to be considered for a leave of absence the student must NOT:

  • Have registered for any course.
  • Have  been previously  registered  for thesis or  dissertation credits.
  • Have an "I" on his/her record.
  • Be  scheduled to take any examination (such as language, comprehensive, etc.)

 Leaves of absence will be granted for one semester, or longer, as circumstances warrant.  No leave is granted for more than one calendar year.  To obtain a leave of absence:

  1. The student writes a letter outlining in detail the reasons for requesting a leave.  This letter should be  addressed to the Chairperson of the student’s major department.
  2. The Chairperson will determine the appropriateness of giving the leave, adding  his/her recommendation to the letter   and forward it to the Graduate Dean.
  3. After action by the Dean, the Division of Graduate Studies will notify the student, the department, and the Registrar (the latter only if the leave is granted) of the decision.

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