Is a thesis or project required for every master-level program?

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Degree programs vary in requiring a thesis, project, or additional coursework. It is the responsibility of the student to be knowledgeable of all departmental requirements.  Students are strongly encouraged to  consult with their departmental graduate adviser. (see the appropriate section of the Graduate Catalog)

  • Thesis —  (6 hours)      The candidate electing to write  a thesis will select a problem area of interest   within his major field.   The thesis will be directed by the student's  major  adviser  with  the approval of the student's thesis committee.  There is a two (2) year limit on completing the thesis, calculated from the date the student passed the Graduate Comprehensive Examination.      From  the time the Graduate Comprehensive     Examination is taken  a  student is required  to be  in continuous enrollment until the degree is earned within the two year limitation.
  • Project— (3 hours) The term "Project" is broadly conceived: it may be an experiment, a review of research, an analysis and evaluation of some psychological, educational or vocational problem related to the student's work or some other type of  independent study.  The specific nature, procedure and requirements of  the project are to be arranged by the candidate and his adviser with the approval of  appropriate departmental faculty members or chairs. A minimum of 33 semester hours is required for this option. The results of the Project are to be reported in written form according to an acceptable stylistic form.
  • Additional Coursework—The student, in consultation with his/her adviser will select at least two additional courses to extend, expand or supplement his area of specialization.

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