What is the GECE (Graduate English Competency Examination)?

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This test is taken prior to registration or during the first term when the student begins work beyond the undergraduate level at Jackson State University. It is designed to show the strengths and weaknesses of each student in the areas of grammar and usage, logic, organization and content. Students unsuccessful on the English Examination must pass English 500-Advanced Laboratory Writing. The examination can be taken only once. It is expected that students who must take English 500 will do so no later than their second semester of enrollment.  A final grade of "B" or higher is considered passing in English 500.  ENG 500 does not earn credit in graduate degree programs. Information on specific dates can be obtained from the Division of Graduate Studies, the Graduate website and academic departments.

1.    Students in selected degree programs may meet this requirement by obtaining appropriate scores on the following examinations: GRE, GMAT and PRAXIS.
2.    JSU undergraduate students may meet this requirement by entering the Division Graduate Studies immediately after graduation.

Please contact your department chair or graduate program advisor for eligibility.  The Division of Graduate Studies must receive notification of students meeting the requirement via exemptions.

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