The 2nd quarterly seminar is scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2019, 12:00 noon.  The presenter is Dr. Mohamed Boutjdir.  


GTEC first course of classes began May 6, 2019, and will end May 31st.

800-00 Epidemiology I, taught by Dr. Azad Bhuiyan.

802-01 Biostatistics I, Dr. Daniel Sarpong

805-01 Research Methods – Dr. Jung Lee

806-01 Social Determinants of Population – Dr. Vincent Mendy


The second course of classes will begin on June 3rd and ending June 28, 2019.

801-01 Epidemiology II – Dr. Bhuiyan

803-01 Biostatistics II – Dr. Daniel Sarpong

804-01 Cardiovascular Epidemiology – Dr. Jung Lee

807-01 Spatial Statistics for Epidemiological Data – Dr. Vincent Mendy