Public Health Program


Program Mission

The mission of the Public Health Program is to provide quality education and leadership in community-based research and practice.  Through collaborative efforts with communities, the Program promotes health and seeks to prevent disease and disability, with special emphasis on the underserved and at-risk populations of Mississippi, the nation, and the world.


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Public Health Program Goals

To achieve its mission, the Program has developed the following goal statements that address each of the three primary institutional functions–instruction, research, and service. 

Instructional Goal: To provide students with discipline-specific and core competencies in the essential public health services. To achieve this goal, the program will prepare individuals at the masters’ and doctoral levels through mentoring and training in public health with a focus on the underserved and at risk populations in Mississippi, the nation, and the world.

Research Goal: To provide leadership and advance social justice through evidence-based scientific inquiry, generate knowledge in the reduction of risk and prevention of disease and disability among the underserved and at-risk populations in Mississippi, the nation, and the world.

Service Goal: To provide technical expertise, advocacy, and translational resources to internal stakeholders (university, school, and program) and external stakeholders (local, national and global communities, public agencies, and the private sector).

Values that Guide the Program

Three values drive the School of Health Sciences and the Public Health Program: Quality, collaboration, and social justice.  Administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to excellence; collaborate with others, including external communities; and work for fairness and equity for all persons and communities. These carefully articulated values are identified in the Program’s mission statement, goals, and objectives.  One of the University’s six core values—accountability–underscores quality and stresses “excellence in scholarly activities.”