Advocates for World Health

AWHEALTH, Jackson State University Chapter

Mission Statement:  

Advocates for World Health honors student chapter at Jackson State University works with the parent nonprofit to collect and redistribute medical products to improve healthcare in the US and aboard (third world countries).   


  •  To collect and supply surplus medical products to the market
  •  Deliver surplus medical products them to people that need it most
  • Redirect unused medical supplies away from landfills and incinerators 
  • Provide leadership experiences to Honors College Students 



  • Students to organize and facilitate the chapter, filling all required positions 
  • Students will collect medical supplies and redistribute them to parent non profit 
  • Students will sponsor shipments to go to recipients 
  • Students will learn the various types of medical supplies and equipments and how to sort them for redistribution 
  • Students will development marketing, volunteer, and fundraising plan