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Alpha Lamba Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of Illinois in 1924, specifically to honor excellence in academic achievement by students in their first year of study in higher education.  The constitution states its purpose as follows:”…to encourage superior academic achievement…to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.”  In addition to the initial recognition described, the Society has numerous programs to encourage continued superior classroom performance, such as awards, national workshops, campus activities and fellowships and loans for undergraduate, graduate, and professional study.

Membership is open to all freshmen who meet the following academic qualifications:

  1. A student must be enrolled full-time for a course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree.
  2. The minimum scholastic average is a grade of 3.5 or above.
  3. Eligibility is based on either grades of the first full curricular period or on the cumulative average of the first year in college.
  4. Once initiated, the student becomes a life member of Alpha Lambda Delta


Advisor:  Latonya Robinson-Kanonu ( or 601-979-1494)