Peer-to-Peer Mentor

Mission Statement:

The Du Bois Peer Mentor Program is designed to provide freshman Honors College members with upper-class Peer Mentors who serve as positive role models to promote healthy lifestyles, assist in the transition to college and provide services to the Honors College.


  • Provide caring mentoring relationships between new students and upper-class Honors College members, primarily within the same academic department
  • Extend the orientation process by providing the necessary information to JSU’s first-semester students when they actually need it. This process will help promote an effortless transition for new students who enroll at JSU
  • Encourage and support new students in achieving student success through their academic and personal goals
  • Promote involvement in JSU Honors College programs, activities, and events along with the campus community


  • To assist new members with the transition to college
  • To provide role-models and leadership among members
  • To provide a variety of social and educational activities
  • To strengthen Honors College connections for first year members by developing mutually beneficial, positive and lasting relationships
  • Provide students with information regarding campus resources
  • To encourage student engagement and involvement through their college career
  • Provide peer mentors with opportunities for developing skills in leadership, programming, relationship building, and wellness education