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Graduate Assistant Application Process

 The Graduate Assistant Informational will take place on the following dates:

March 3, 2020 | 7:00 p.m. | College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, Room 162

March 4, 2020 | 7:00 p.m. | College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, Room 162



GA Frequently Asked Questions


1.       Should I go through the returner housing application process if I am applying to be a GA?

You should plan for fall housing without considering the GA position in your plans.  If you would you like to live on campus next year even if you are selected for a GA position, please go through the returner housing application process. 


2.        What are the requirements for the position?

  1. Must be accepted/enrolled in the Graduate School.
  2. Must have a 3.2 cumulative GPA.
  3. Must not be graduating in the Fall semester.
  4. Must be a full-time student (9 credit hours).
  5. Must submit 2 letters of recommendation (one from your department head, and one from a former employer or current instructor).
  6. No outside employment.
  7. Must have good judicial and financial standings.
  8. Must attend an informational session.
  9. Must not have been terminated from a previous housing position.
  10. Must be willing to work weekends, nights, and holidays as needed.


3.       What are the benefits of the position?

Benefits will be discussed upon hire.  GAs have the ability to impact the lives of students in many different ways.  The GA position also helps students as they transition through college and the GA position has the opportunity to gain student leadership experience.


4.       How many GA positions are there?  Are there any alternate positions?

The total new number of applicants hired will depend on the number of current GAs returning for the next academic year.  Alternates will be selected.  These candidates may be used if a position opens up during the academic year.  It is common to fill 1-3 positions with alternates at some point during the year. 


5.        If I have been documented for an incident, can I still be a GA?

Students must be in good conduct standing with the Dean of Students Office and Housing/Residence Life in order to be a GA.  Good standing means:  you are not currently suspended, expelled, on interim suspension, or university probation from the University and/or Residence Life.  In addition, you must not have any incomplete sanctions with the Dean of Students Office or The Department of Housing/Residence Life.


6.       May I participate in other extra-curricular activities or have another job while I am a GA?

The expectation of our GAs is that academics come first, the GA job comes second and extracurricular activities come third.  GA should anticipate 15-20 scheduled hours per week of routine responsibilities (i.e. staff meetings, resident contact, office coverage, staff assignments, etc.)  We recognize as a student leader, students may want to be involved in other leadership opportunities, but outside employment is not permitted, and extracurricular activities must not interfere with this position.


7.       What does being “on duty” mean?

Specific on-duty tasks vary by area.  However, on average, while on duty, GAs are expected to remain in their area.  The GA will address all resident concerns from 8:00 pm – 8:00 am and aid fellow RAs, Building Directors and other university staff on duty as needed.  GAs also may be used to work the desk in the residence hall. Additionally, on duty GAs walk through the building (s), addressing facility concerns resident behavioral issues, and report incidents to their Builiding Director and/or Builiding Director on call. 


8.       I currently live off campus.  Can I apply to be a GA?

Yes, however, you must have lived on a university campus for two semesters by the time employment begins in order to be considered.


9.       If hired, may I pick the Residence Hall in which I work?

No, placements are offered based on the skills and strengths of each GA candidate and the needs of the Department of Housing/Residence Life.


10.   If offered placement in a certain residence hall, and do not accept, am I eligible for placement in another hall?

No, the initial placement is considered the final offer.  If you do not accept the initial placement, you will no longer be an eligible candidate for other building placements.


11.    When do I need to be back at JSU for GA  training?  If I have a conflict, can I be late for training or miss training?

GA training for the academic school year begins in August.  Please look for an update in May.  You are expected to be present on campus, and fully participate in the entirety of fall training, spring training, opening, and GA recruitment.  GA Training is an essential component to being successful as GAs will learn about crises management, conflict mediation, emergency protocol, and community operations. GAs are expected to attend all training sessions.  New GAs are not allowed to miss any part of training or opening.


12.    What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact the Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life, Tammy Timbers, 979-2326,
 Shonda de Verteuil,

(601) 979-4302, or the main housing office at (601) 979-2326 about any other questions.