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Residence Life

How to Create A Visitor Pass


  1. Once your guest has completed the 1st Step (online guest registration) and has been verified, you can now create a pass for them.
    On your THD Self-Service portal (click here), click “Visitor Passes” in the main menu.
  2. Click the “Create New Visitor Pass” dropdown arrow and enter your guest’s mobile number (no dashes). After entering the mobile number, click the “Lookup” button.
  3. Select the date of the visitor pass by clicking the calendar icon.
  4. Review the visitation policy and agree to the policy by clicking the “I agree to the Visitor Policy” checkbox.
  5. Click the “Create Visitor Pass” button. After creating a pass, it will send a text to the visitor with a link to their Live Pass.


As a citizen of our residential community, you have the convenience of living close to classes, the library, laundry facilities, tutors, computer labs, and the student health center. Living on campus also offers a helpful and supportive staff, a secure environment, academic support, leadership development, and employment opportunities.



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