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How to Select a Roommate


TUTORIAL VIDEO: if you would like to see a video tutorial of "How to Select a Roommate," click here.


Step 1: To Access” The Housing Director” please click on the following link:

Step 2: Once you have clicked on the link, you will need to log-in to your THD Portal single with your J-number and Net-ID and password to access “The Housing Director.”

Step 3: To access the roommate selection module you will need to select ROOM SELECTION < SELECT ROOMMATES from the navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Once you have selected the SELECT ROOMMATES option, you will be brought to new screen where you will need to select the term in which you will be selecting housing for. Students will need to select the next fall term, which is following the spring semester we are currently in, i.e., Spring 2020 will select Fall 2020. You will need to find the future fall term in the dropdown menu, which will be called “FALL 20XX” term.

Step 5: Once on the ROOMMATE SELECTION Screen, you can search from specific roommates by entering in their information in the SIMPLE ROOMMATE SEARCH box and clicking the BEGIN SEARCH button.

If you are looking for a roommate, but do not have anyone specific in mind, you can hit the BEGIN SEARCH button with all fields blank to bring up an available list of roommates. If you will be using the search function to find potential roommates, please follow steps 5A & 5B. If you have already figured out who you would like to live with you can skip to Step 5C.

Step 5A (Potential Roommate Search): If you did not search for a specific roommate and elected to search for one. “The Housing Director” will prompt you with a list of potential roommates based on how you answered your lifestyle questions in the Roommate Search box.

Step 5B (Potential Roommate Search): If you see a student on the list that you would like to connect with as a potential roommate, click the REQUEST ROOMMATE button associated with your choice.

After you have selected your roommate, you will be brought back to the ROOMMATE REQUEST screen, where you can see that the request has been made. From this screen, you will have the ability to follow up with them or cancel your request to them. If you wish to e-mail the student, click the ENVELOPE button to start e-mail communications with that person. Once your request has been made, your roommate will still need to confirm the roommate request, if you choose to live together.

Step 5C (Searching for a Specific Roommate): When Searching for a specific roommate, you will need to enter in at least the student’s last name and click the BEGIN SEARCH Button. (Please note if you only fill in the last name and there are multiple students with the same last name, you will need to select the correct one.) Once you have selected your requested roommate, an e-mail notification will be sent to them. You will be able to see your roommate requests at the top of the screen. Once your request has been made, your roommate will still need to confirm the roommate requests. You will be able to see if they have accepted your request, as well as check the status request for them requesting and accepting the other members in your group.

Step 6 (Roommate Groups): All roommates will need to request and accept all roommates in the group. Roommates can be accepted by clicking on the PENDING ROOMMATE REQUEST section in the REQUEST ROOMMATE Section. Members of the group must ensure that they have accepted/requested the other members of the group. An example of a Four-Person Group for Roommate Request and Acceptance:

Roommate A Requests Roommate B, C, & D

Roommate B Accepts Roommate A’s Request and Requests Roommates C & D

Roommate C Accepts Roommate A & B’s Request and Requests Roommate D

Roommate D Accepts Roommate Requests from A, B, & C

Step 7: Once you confirmed that your roommate group is complete and everyone has requested/approved each member of your group, this portion of your Roommate Selection process is complete.