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Health Insurance

All students who live on campus are requested by Jackson State University to have health insurance and are required to give proof of health insurance to housing staff at check-in during student move-in day. All students who live on campus must provide a copy of their vaccination records to the health center before they can move in. For additional information, please contact Jackson State University Student Health Services Center at:

1400 John R. Lynch St.
PO Box 17097
Jackson, MS 39217
Phone:  601-979-2260
Fax: 601-979-2003


Renter's Insurance

Jackson State University is not liable for damage to or loss of student’s personal property. Insurance to cover loss of or damage to a student’s personal property is an individual responsibility. Students are strongly encouraged to take precautions for protecting personal property from their family’s insurance company or another provider.

As a service to our residents, the Housing Department has information on a low-cost insurance program. This program is designed to specifically protect the personal property of students who live in campus residence halls or in off-campus apartments.

Regardless of the arrangements made for insurance coverage, students are encouraged to take precautions for protecting personal property. This includes labeling or marking personal items, recording serial numbers and descriptions of personal items, maintaining photographs of personal items, not keeping valuable items in a safe place, removing personal items from the residence halls between school sessions and obtaining personal property insurance.

National Student Services, Inc.

The insurance program is independent of Jackson State University. For further information, visit for a free quote.