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For questions regarding living on campus, please contact us at 601.979.2326 or

Visitor Pass Registration System

Welcome to the visitor registration System. In order to register as a housing visitor, you will need to complete this form so that you will have an account in the system.

This is a ONE TIME registration. Click here to register: JSU Visitor Registration System


Online Guest Registration

1st Step (one-time only). All Visitors MUST register online!

1. Complete registration form online: Visitor Registration (
– Must have valid mobile phone as your identifier
– Must have photo and email account
2. Visitor receives an email with link and code.
3. Visitor clicks on link and enters the code to complete the registration process.
4. Visitor receives a text when registration is completed and verified.


If you are already registered but your mobile number and/or mobile carrier have been changed, please email your new mobile number and mobile carrier to

If there’s any thing that needs correcting on your guest registration, please email your full name, mobile number, mobile carrier and other information to that needs to be changed or corrected in the system.