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Canvas Help

For Course Assistance, please contact your instructor.

Examples of instances where the instructor should be contacted include

  • You receive a message that the course has no content or the course is not available.
  • You submitted an incorrect attachment, had trouble submitting a test/assignment, have been locked out of the course, or other issues pertaining to course activities.
  • Technical issues with your computer, flash drive, web cam, etc. which have interfered with the completion of course assignments.
  • The learning management system (Canvas) is down and you have an assignment or test due during the outage.  (Note: The instructor will be notified of the outage and will determine if and how to adjust submission dates). For Technical Assistance with Canvas, no action is necessary.  The University's Canvas Administrator will email and/or post notices about Canvas maintenance and other matters that will prevent access to the learning management system.  Maintenance being performed by the Canvas company and other outages (power or inclement weather) are beyond our control.  When the system is operable, the administrator will inform faculty via email and/or post notices for students in Canvas.