JSU Online

Online vs Hybrid

Distinguishing Course Delivery Methods

What's the difference between online, hybrid, and Canvas enhanced courses?

Online courses use a computer and the Internet to access course materials within Canvas and include the use of email, threaded discussions, simulations, multimedia, chat rooms, and more.  In most cases, online courses do not  have a physical meeting time or place.  However, some courses may require chat sessions which require that students log into Canvas simultaneously.  Additionally, some courses may require proctored examinations which require students to authenticate their identity face to face.  Online courses include sections 80-89 and 70-72. Online degree program courses include sections 100-109 (Note: Only students that are admitted to an online degree program may register for section 100 level courses).

Hybrid courses use a combination of face-to-face instruction and online activities in Canvas or a publisher website.  The syllabi will specify meeting dates and online activities.  Hybrid courses must meet face-to-face at least 51 percent of the scheduled class sessions.  Hybrid courses include sections 60-69 and 79.

Canvas enhanced courses are face-to-face courses.  The instructor uses Canvas to post your course syllabus and to email students.  There is only a minimal amount of online activities and the course meets in the traditional classroom all semester.