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Proctored Testing Options

Students may choose off-campus proctoring from one of the options below.  Any fees, such as exam proctoring fees, are the responsibility of the student.

The test taker (student) must present an official university or government identification (e.g. college/university ID, drivers’ license).

Option 1

The test taker (student) may use a proctor from any regionally-accredited two- or four-year college or university that offers proctored testing services. This includes the institution’s library.  Please inquire with the facility for proctoring fees. A local librarian may also serve as a proctor if testing at a two- or four-year college or university is not possible. Other acceptable proctors include public or private school personnel, professors, or other professional staff persons. Please inquire with the facility for proctoring fees. The student is responsible for paying proctoring fees.

If located outside of the United States, military personnel (student) may take examinations under the supervision of a commissioned officer.

The following persons do not qualify as proctors:

  • Co-workers
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives

Option 2

The test taker (student) may take the exam from home or any convenient location by using the Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) online proctoring service. RPNow from Software Secure is an on-demand, easy to use, low-cost alternative to testing centers, personal proctors, and other inconvenient methods of securing the online testing environment. Students can take tests at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer and a webcam. No student set-up required, no scheduling, no pre-purchase, no new hardware or software. Simply log in and test with integrity in 4 easy steps and in 3 minutes or less! 

  • Review the JSU RP Now Exam Policy for Online Exams prior to selecting this method of proctoring service.
  • The student must review the RPNow Exam Taker Quick Guide and Test Taker videos before using this service.
  • The equipment that will be used by the test taker must meet the following minimum system requirements:

    • The test taker will need a camera, microphone, and a sufficient Internet Connection (specifically, upload speed) to take exams using the Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) system, as well as a MAC, running 10.12 or higher, or a PC, running Windows 7 or higher (be sure to install any Windows Updates).
    • Flash is also required and can be installed from http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/ (Note: The test taker can uncheck to install Google Chrome, this is not required).
    • To run a quick system check and/or take a test, please go to http://remoteproctor.com/rpinstall.
    • Dual monitors are not supported. The test taker *must* unplug the additional monitor to use the software.

Complete and submit the Student Remote Proctor Now Request and Agreement Form to your professor and/or jsuonline@jsums.edu.