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Focus Of the MCWI

The Mississippi Child Welfare Institute’s focus is to provide in-service and pre-service education for current and prospective child welfare public and private employees and to collaborate in achieving this goal with partners in the human services fields (e.g., mental health, health, education providers, supervisors, and administrators). The MCWI is designed to raise the bar of professionalism by enhancing the knowledge and skills of current and potential service providers, adoptive, and foster parents, including kinship care providers, and advocates who are charged with serving our most vulnerable children and youth. As we strive to meet this challenge, we wish to most effectively prepare professional social workers, social work students and their colleagues for culturally competent and ethical practice with diverse population groups in the State of Mississippi, the nation, and the world. As an important part of this effort, we have established and continue to build linkages with child welfare providers and other stakeholders to promote the best and promising practices for children and families to ensure their health, safety, permanency (in-home with families, preferably), and well-being.