Mehri Fadavi Observatory

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On November 5, 2007, JSU named this observatory in honor of the director of MSP, Dr. Mehri Fadavi, who has given illustrative and passionate leadership to the Department. She led the upgrading of the JSU Observatory and making operative the Fadavi Observatory in the renovated Just Hall of Science. This state-of-the-art observatory makes seeing the stars through education and the field of astronomy a reality for students, faculty and members of the community. The Fadavi Observatory is 24 feet in diameter with an approximately 30 feet high revolving dome. The United States Department of Education helped to purchase a Celestron 14” telescope with automated capability synchronized with the dome, which rotates 360 degrees with a computer controlled mount. An AFL-ING 10001E Fingerlakes FL-ING 1001E CCD camera records day-time and night-time viewings. The Fadavi Observatory also has the same capacity as the JSU Observatory for remote control and global networking. In-service and pre-service teachers will participate in workshops, coursework and community outreach programs.