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Dr. Mehri Fadavi, Chair of DPASGS and MSP Director
Jackson State University
Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geosciences
PO Box 17450
Jackson, MS 39217
Telephone: (601) 979-3634
Fax: (601) 203-5182

Dr. Mehri Fadavi, Professor of Physics, has worked for 20 years as an instructor across all disciplines in the Department. Her grantsmanship is unparalleled in CSET and has been called the standard for all faculty members to aspire to achieve. She has been awarded nearly $24M in grants as a Principal Investigator (PI) and has been involved as Co-PI on several million dollars more over the years. She is the first female full Professor of Physics at JSU and has been awarded the largest single highly competitive grant ($8.7M) from the National Science Foundation at the University. 

In addition to teaching core physics courses, she is also very involved with science education. She is founder and Director of the phenomenal Project MAST which has trained hundreds of 4-12 teachers from around the state, Institutional Change through Faculty Advancement in Instruction and Mentoring (IC-FAIM) and Mathematics Advancement in Teaching through Professional Development (MAT-PD). She is Director of the Mississippi Science Partnership, Coordinator of the Master of Science Teaching Program and Director of the Science and Mathematics Advancement Resources for Teaching (SMART) Center. She was recognized as Outstanding College Science Teacher for College Science Education Excellence by Mississippi Science Teachers Association in 2007. In honor of her accomplishments through years of hard work in building world-class astronomy capabilities at the University, the University’s primary observatory was dedicated and named the Dr. Mehri Fadavi Observatory in November 2007.