Mathematics Advancement in Teaching through Professional Development

Project MAT-PD–Mathematics Advancement in Teaching through Professional Development. This initiative builds on the knowledge, successes, and experiences gained from six previous research-based professional development programs through a re-focus and added features. The goal and vision of the Project MAT-PD will be to support and enhance the improvement of teaching and learning mathematics in K-8 grades. MAT-PD will improve student achievement through the delivery of evidenced based instruction that moves teachers “From Conceptual Understanding of Content Knowledge to Exemplary Practice in the Classroom when Teaching Mathematics”. The key features of this program are manifested in seven objectives designed to guide its efforts.

1.  Increase teacher content knowledge in mathematics in grades K-8,

2. Increase mathematics teaching efficacy,

3. Improve in teacher adaptations of curricula.

4. Improve in teacher practice through mathematics content enactment,

5. Increase attention to the integration of technology.

6. Increase teachers effectiveness and student results,

7. Increase school administrators’ knowledge and appreciation for high quality in-service     training in high quality mathematics classrooms