Tuition Assistance Scholarship

The Mississippi Science Partnership (MSP) through the Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geoscience offers financial aid to bright Physics majors that meet certain academic requirements. Student that score a 20+ on the ACT and current hold a 3.0+ GPA on a 4.0 scale are considered for the scholarship. Students that are selected for this scholarship will receive assistance up to the amount of tuition for the current semester.

The PASGS Tuition Assistance Scholarship can be combined with other University scholarship and tuition awards, but will not exceed the amount of tuition for the awarded semester. Students who receive full scholarship and tuition funding from sources other than the Tuition Assistance Scholarship will receive a book award of up to $500.

Please note, that students receiving a scholarship from the PASGS Tuition Assistance Scholarship must be enrolled full-time, major in Physics, and maintain a cumulative and semester 3.0 grade point average (gpa) to continue eligibility for the scholarship.