STARLAB Portable Planetarium

newSTARLabProject MAST first purchased the Portable Planetarium in 2002. The Portable Planetarium is a mobile inflatable dome that can accommodate about 25 elementary children or 15 high schoolers/adults. The Portable Planetarium is an engaging, interactive and precise visual center that provides excellent acoustics and sensory stimulation. The Portable Planetarium is taken on-site for teachers, students and community residents to tour. A science educator assists visitors as they view a 20 minute digital video cast by a technically advanced 14lb projector. The Portable Planetarium uses the Astronomy and More curriculum and the science educator discusses fun astronomical topics and gives assignments to map some of the major constellations. Our vision is through this hands-own activity, children may experience a cosmic adventure that can change their lives or introduce them to other sciences and mathematics. Since the first year of Project MAST funding in 2004, the Portable Planetarium has been taken to approximately 40 middle and elementary schools and community based events in central Mississippi, and over 8,000 visitors have toured the planetarium.