2022 Fall JSU Commencement

December 9th, 2022 by ppad

The JSU 2022 Fall Commencement was held on December 9, 2022. Dept. of Public Policy & Administration has produced five new Ph. Ds and one new MPPA degree holder.
The new Ph.D. holders are as follows:
Dr. Carolyn L.S. Dupre (Dissertation title: A descriptive analysis of selected HBCUs and their use of public/private partnerships in addressing capital improvement; Advisor: Professor Johnny Gilleylen).
Dr. Diane W. Gadley (Dissertation title: The impact of the patient protection and affordable care act on diabetic mortality among people of color: A comparative analysis of Mississippi and Louisiana; Advisor: Professor Johnny Gilleylen)
Dr. Rachel V. Granderson (Dissertation title: A case study approach: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the career satisfaction and motivation of employees at non-profit organizations; Advisor: Professor Ester W. Stokes)
Dr. Oni M. Omeregie (Dissertation title: The effects of minimum wages on the factors affecting economic development; Advisor: Professor Gloria Billingsley)
Dr. Cresandra L. Washington (Dissertation topic: The Impact of the 2002 Ayers settlement on the mission and relevance of select HBCUs in Mississippi; Advisor: Professor Johnny Gilleylen).
In addition, Ms. Teanna I. Howard has obtained her MPPA (Master in Public Policy and Administration) degree.
Good luck with your wonderful career development!!
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