May 2021

Molecular & Cellular Biology Core

Dr. Jacqueline Stevens
Faculty Manager
Ph: (601) 979-3462

Dr. Erika Dugo
Lab Technician
Ph: (601) 979-4333

MCB Barbara and Jackie
MCB Cell Counter #4
MCB Western Faith # 5
MCB PCR Chamber Mark # 6
Phase Contrast # 7
Phase Contrast # 10
Freeze Dryer
Hood # 12

Facility Overview

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Laboratory (MCBCL), established by the National Institutes of Health / Research Centers for Minority Institutions (NIH/RCMI) Center for Environmental Health (CEH), has impacted the biomedical research infrastructure at Jackson State University (JSU). The MCBCL is equipped with state-of-the-art biomedical research instrumentation available for use by JSU investigators and other biomedical scientists in the research community. The core facility, staffed with a faculty manager and a lab technician, has provided a supportive research environment and technical research support and services to all users. The establishment and enhancement of the multi-user core facilities have provided the framework that has enabled the faculty to become more engaged in seeking competitive external research funding; the ability to conduct cutting edge research; and the competitiveness for recruiting and retaining of accomplished investigators. The mission of the MCBCL is to advance the JSU research enterprise by maximizing the effectiveness of the researchers and support investigators to conduct cutting-edge research in the area of environmental health and health disparities issues by using molecular biology tools.

Specific Aims

The specific aims of the MCB Core Laboratory are:

  1. Offer investigators a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation and technologies for basic research using the latest molecular biology and recombinant DNA technologies

  2. Increase access to multiple users, thereby maximizing the efficiency of utilization and opportunities for research expansion

  3. Provide training and support services to all investigators by highly trained personnel with specialized skills and assist the investigators to maximize the utilization of the advanced technologies available to them

  4. Promote technology transfer and education

  5. Promote interdisciplinary research with collaborations between RCMI investigators and investigators from various departments, within JSU and other research intensive institutions.

Research Support Services of MCB Core Laboratory

  1. Genomics

    1. Gel electrophoresis
    2. Southern and Northern blotting
    3. Gene Expression and Detection
    4. RT-PCR
    5. SNP Genotyping
    6. Drug Metabolism Genotyping
    7. Allelic Discrimination
    8. Nucleic Acids isolation and purification
    9. Hybridization analysis of DNA/RNA
    10. Sequencing
  2. Proteomics 

    1. Protein Isolation and Protein Determination
    2. Western Blotting
    3. Immunoblotting and Immunoprecipitation
  3. Functional Assays 

    1. Cytotoxicity Assay (MTT)
    2. Trypan blue exclusion Assay
    3. Lipid Peroxidation Assay
    4. Apoptotic DNA Laddering Assay
    5. Comet Single Cell Assay
    6. Flow Cytometry Analysis (FAC)
    7. Annexin-V Assay
    8. Caspase 3 Assay
    9. MAP Kinase Assay
  4. Cell Culture 

    1. Subculture cells
    2. Cryopreservation of cell lines
    3. Assist in morphological characterization of cell cultures by microscopic analysis
    4. Consultation to investigators regarding techniques prior to experimentation

Resources and Environment

The MCB Core Laboratory is located in the John A. Peoples (JAP) Building in Rooms 416 and 419 with dimensions of 30 sq ft by 31 sq ft and 14.5 sq ft by 3.5 sq ft respectively. The current resources in MCB Core Laboratory include:

  1. StepOne RT-PCR (Life Technologies)
  2. TC20 Automated Cell Counter (Bio-Rad)
  3. Konica Minolta SRX-101A Automatic Film Processor (Mid-South)
  4. Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR+ (Bio-Rad)
  5. Transblot System (Bio-Rad)
  6. Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific)
  7. Biosafety Cabinet with UV (Forma Scientific)
  8. Air Clean 600 PCR Workstation(BioExpress)
  9. Olympus Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope with Camera (Hunts Optics)
  10. Olympus Epifluorescence Microscope with Cooled QImaging Digital Camera (Hunts Optics)
  11. Cryosafe Liquid Nitrogen Tank (Forma Scientific)
  12. Water Purification System (Barnstead)
  13. Sonifer Cell Disruptor Model 250/450 (VWR Scientific)
  14. Mastercycler Gradient Thermocycler (Eppendorf Scientific)
  15. Freeze Drying System with glassware (Savant)
  16. Humidified CO2 Incubators (Sanyo)
  17. 2 Power Plus Upright Freezers (Forma Scientific)
  18. Water Baths (VWR)/Dry Bath (BioExpress)
  19. 2 Refrigerators (4ºC glass door) (Fisher)
  20. Ice Maker (VWR)
  21. Refrigerated Microcentrifuge 4ºC (Forma Scientific)
  22. Tissue Homogenizer (Fisher Scientific)
  23. Horizontal/Vertical Electrophoresis Apparatus (Bio-Rad)
  24. ElectroBlotting System -Transfer (Amersham)
  25. Analytical Balance (Fisher)
  26. pH Meter (Fisher)
  27. Precision 37ºC Incubator (Fisher)
  28. Automatic Environmental Speed Vac System (Savant)
  29. Nucleic Acid Sequencing System & Accessories (Bio- Rad)
  30. Stratalinker 1800 UV Crosslinker (Stratagene)
  31. Gel Dryer (Bio-Rad)
  32. CEQ 8000 Genetic Analysis System (Beckman Coulter)