May 2021

Molecular Magnetic Resonance Core

Dr. Ken S. Lee
Facility Manager
Ph: (601)979-3483

Dr. Md Mhahabubur Rhaman
Lab Technician
Ph: (601) 979-3483


Facility Overview

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy is one of the most powerful instruments for biomedical research today. Current advances in the design and operation of NMR instruments along with novel approaches for data analysis and interpretation have made them possible to determine structure, dynamics, and reactivity of organic molecules. Such technological advances have allowed us to understand solution structures and the behaviors of biological macromolecules, such as proteins and complexes. The Molecular Magnetic Resonance (MMR) core laboratory aims to provide the adequate access to every researcher of JSU and others who want to use the facility for completing their research goals. Hence, MMR provides RCMI investigators and other faculty and students from JSU and other institutions the needed infrastructure to conduct high quality research, especially in the elucidation of molecular structures and functional properties of proteins and other small molecules.

Specific Aims

The specific aims of the MMR are:

  1. To provide high field FT-NMR spectrometers for all RCMI investigators and other researchers who need structural determination tools in their research. High field NMR spectrometers are key instruments in organic chemistry including biomedical and environmental research. Two high field FT-NMR spectrometers in the MMR Core Facility are made available for JSU researchers and off-campus users.

  2. To offer technical support to users who need to apply NMR technology in their research but lack expertise. The sophisticated technology in NMR spectroscopy will be available for organic chemists as well as novice users and researchers from the biomedical and environmental areas. The MMR Core facility will host numerous workshops for new users including faculty and new graduate students.

Resources and Environment

The MMR is located in the John A. Peoples (JAP) Building. The current resources in facility include:   

  1. NMR spectrometer-Bruker DMX 300 MHz

  2. NMR spectrometer-Bruker DPX 250 MHz

  3. NMR spectrometer-Varian DMX 500 MHz

  4. Special low temperature probes

  5. EPR Spectrometer-Bruker EMX for free radical research