July 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Registrars Office.


Q. How do I request a copy of my transcript?

A. Transcripts may be requested in one of four ways:

1) Online via instructions on Registrar web page

2)  Walk-ins

3) Fax

4) Email


Q. What students are eligible for early registration?

A. Currently enrolled students.


Q. What is a j#?

A. The j# is a student’s primary identifier in our student information system.


Q. How do I get a copy of my class schedule?

A. Student may obtain a class schedule via JSU PAWS or by contacting their major

academic department.


Q. How are undergraduate class levels defined?

A. 0-29.99 earned credits = Freshmen

30-59.99 earned credits = Sophomore

60-89.99 earned credits = Junior

90 and above earned credits = Senior


Q. How long should an ‘I’ grade remain on your academic record?

A. No longer than one year from the date that the ‘I’ grade was first submitted.


Q. How do I apply for graduation?

A. Students can apply for graduation by obtaining a graduation pin number from their

academic department. This number allows students to submit an application via the

Online Graduation Clearance System.


Q. What is the student’s responsibility regarding degree requirements?

A. Even though students will receive academic guidance from their academic department,

it is the responsibility of the student to complete all coursework and other university

requirement for their degree program


Q.  How do I find out about the graduation ceremony?

A.  A link from the JSU homepage details pertinent information regarding the graduation

list and ceremony.


Q.  Do I have to attend the ceremony?

A.  No.


Q. How can I add or drop a class after the published dates have passed?

A.  The instructor of record for the course involved must initiate a Schedule Adjustment

Form to adjust a student’s schedule after the published add and drop dates.


Q.  What is the impact of a dropped course and a withdrawn course on a transcript?

A.   A dropped course results in no grade appearing on student’s transcript. A withdrawn

course results in a W grade appearing on a student’s transcript.


Q. Does JSU have an undergraduate academic forgiveness policy?

A. Yes, qualifying students should contact their academic department to complete the

academic forgiveness process.


Q. How do I change my undergraduate major?

A. Students should use the official change of major form available at the Division of

Undergraduate Studies.


Q. How does the repeat policy work?

A.  To repeat a course, students should consult with their academic advisor. After which,

they should enroll in the same course. Only the highest grade earned for the course

will count.