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September 12th @ 3pm – Mentoring Kickoff Meeting

September 24th – Junior Faculty interest forms for participation in Cohort 3 due

October 11th @ 2pm – Program Orientation for Cohort 3

Books Ordered

List of Books Ordered

Brown Bag Research Talks Series, 2012-2016


Centrality Metrics for for Complex Network Analysis
Dr. Natarajan Meghanathan, Department of Computer Science

Transcending Brick & Mortar: Using Mobile Technologies in Higher Education
Dr. Dawn McLin, Department of Psychology

How Writers Improve: Learning from Students' Reflections on Their Writing
Dr. Kathi Griffin & Dr. Tatiana Glushko, Richard Wright Center

Geospatial Technology (GIS and Remote Sensing) for the Study of Earth and Its Changing Environment
Dr. Ranjani Kulawardhana, Department of Biology

Religious Involvement and Social Support as Predictors of Alcohol Use in a Conservative Christian University
Dr. Wendy Thompson, School of Social Work

The Impact of Managerial Metacognition on a Firm's Total Quality Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantages
Dr. Young Sik Cho, Department of Management and Marketing

A Phenomenological Exploration of American Death Policy
Dr. James Slack, Department of Public Policy and Administration

Digital Pedagogy: There Is A Difference
Dr. Ingrad Smith, Department of Educational Leadership


Cultural and Racial Socialization in International Transracial Adoption
Dr. Jaegoo Lee, School of Social Work

Redirecting Gender: Working with the Effeminate Actor
Dr. Nadia Bodie-Smith, Department of Speech Communications & Theatre

The Academic and Psychological Effects of Engaging Learners in Live Jazz Music Improvisation
Dr. David Akombo and Mr. Andrew Lewis, Department of Music
Dr. Taunjah Bell, Department of Psychology

Drawing Noise – The Sound of Drawing Instruments
Prof. Chung-Fan Chang and Prof. Mark Geil, Department of Art
Dr. Ivan Elezovic, Department of Music

Technology and Social Media in the Classroom: A Pedagogical Nightmare or an Engagement Bonanza?
Dr. Monica Flippin Wynn, Department of Mass Communications

Measuring Democratic Competition: An Application to 20th Century Latin America
Dr. Miguel Centellas, Department of Political Science

17th Century Spain and the Body Politic: A Comparative Look at Incarcerated Women in Orange Is the New Black and Los Desenganos amorosos of Maria de Zayas y Sotomayor
Dr. Brian Phillips, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages

Expanding the Drug Discovery Pipeline of a Neglected Disease
Dr. Ifedayo Victor Ogungbe, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Using Salivary Cortisol to Screen for Proneness to PTSD, Detect Symptoms and Diagnose Disorder in Service Members and Civilians
Dr. Taunjah P. Bell, Department of Psychology


Trends and Disparities in Infant and Child Mortality in Nigeria: Evidence from 2003 and 2008 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) Data
Dr. Okechukwu Anyamele, Department of Economics, Finance and General Business

Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness: What Do the Data Tell Us?
Dr. Tabitha Otieno, Department of Social and Cultural Studies

Dr. Benjamin Ngwudike, Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education

The Black Vampire in African-American Literature and Popular Culture
Dr. Rashell Smith-Spears, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages

Hair Texture, Complexion and Candidate Evaluation
Dr. Byron Orey, Department of Political Science

Massive Resistance: The Evolution of Racist Politics in Mississippi
Dr. Robert Luckett, Department of History and Philosophy and Margaret Walker Center

Black Studies at Jackson State College: The Institute for the Study of History, Life and Culture of Black People, 1968-1979
Dr. Rico Chapman, Department of History and Philosophy

Carnivals of Blood: The Business of Spectacle Lynching
Dr. Deborah Barnes, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages

Hidden Jewels of the Permanent Collection of the Art Department of JSU
Dr. Yumi Park and Prof. Charles Carraway, Department of Art

Redistributing Power: The Reversal of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act
Dr. Gloria Billingsley, Department of Public Policy and Administration


The Effects of Demographics and Job-Related Stressors on Newspaper Journalists' Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intentions and Job Performance"
Dr. Li-Jing Chang, Department of Mass Communications

Facilitating Teaching and Learning Across STEM Fields
Dr. James Ejiwale, Department of Industrial Systems and Technology

Collaborative Learning in the Online Literature Classroom
Dr. Candis Pizzetta, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages

A Multicultural Music Appreciation in a Familiar Key
Dr. David Akombo, Department of Music

A Structure in C
Dr. Ivan Elezovic, Department of Music

Kite: A Poetic Approach of Landscape
Dr. Chung-Fan Chang, Department of Art

Public Health and Access to Healthy Eating and Active Living: Lessons to Be Learned from the State of Mississippi
Dr. Gina Scutelnicu, Department of Public Policy and Administration

Engraved Head Motifs on Cupisnique Ceramics: Emblems of Identity in Early Andean Art
Dr. Yumi Park, Department of Art

Fifty Years after the Equal Pay and Civil Rights Acts of 1963 and 1964: Women Still Face Discrimination and Major Inequities in America's Workforce
Dr. M. Yvette Turner, Department of Educational Leadership

Exploring the Mystical Side of Running
Dr. Thomas Kersen, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice