About the Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority

What It Means to Be TBS

As members of Tau Beta Sigma, we vow to uphold finer womanhood and musicianship by being outstanding bandswomen and teachers. It is our purpose to show others that the bond we share is unbreakable and immovable. Standing up to the many challenges we face, we are strong, determined women who refuse to be defeated.


Our Mission

Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority provides service to collegiate bands, encourages the advancement of women in the band profession, and promotes and enriches an appreciation of band music through recognition, leadership development and education of its members.

The first practical idea for establishing a “band sorority” as a national entity to meet the expressed needs of the growing number of women in college and university bands was presented by band member Wava Banes (Henry), along with her classmates, Emily So Relle and Rose Nell Williams, to director D.O. Wiley of the Texas Tech University Band in the closing months of 1937.

This discussion led to a group of bandswomen at Texas Tech University founding a local organization known as “Tau Beta Sigma,” modeled in principle on the example of Kappa Kappa Psi. Much like the Fraternity, Tau Beta Sigma’s purpose at Tech was to serve as an honorary service and leadership recognition society, but it was designed especially to provide the important additional social, educational, and other positive experiences needed by women in the band.

In June of 1943, the Tech women petitioned the Grand Council of Kappa Kappa Psi to become an integral part of the national Fraternity as an active chapter.

Accepting the group under these circumstances, however, would have entailed a complete revision of the Kappa Kappa Psi constitution. Because of the war, doubt was expressed as to just when the next fraternity convention would be held so that the issue could be brought to the debate.

Rather than postponing action on the women’s request indefinitely, a suggestion was made that Tau Beta Sigma form its own national organization, just as the National Fraternity had done in 1919. Until a national convention of Kappa Kappa Psi could be held and the matter clarified, Tau Beta Sigma could be considered the “sister organization” of the Fraternity.

The Grand Council of Kappa Kappa Psi agreed that Tau Beta Sigma could share in all fraternal publications.

While applying for a national charter, the Tech Chapter encountered difficulties involving certain Texas state corporation laws. In 1945, A. Frank Martin, National Executive Secretary of Kappa Kappa Psi, was invited to meet with the women and work out a plan that would bring the Sorority the national status the Tau Beta Sigma women were seeking.

Mr. Martin then suggested that the local band sorority currently in existence at Oklahoma State University apply for the charter since fewer difficulties would be encountered in Oklahoma.

So, in January of 1946, the women of the Texas Tech Tau Beta Sigma Band Sorority, through their director, D.O. Wiley, graciously surrendered their name, “TAU BETA SIGMA,” their constitution, ritual, and jewelry designs to the local band club at Oklahoma State University, in order that the national organization could be established.

By doing so, the Tech women understood that they were permitting the Oklahoma State group the title of “Alpha, the Mother Chapter,” and accepted the status of “Beta Chapter,” the second chartered chapter. On March 26, 1946, a charter was granted by the Department of State for the State of Oklahoma legally establishing “Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Sorority,” later amended to “Tau Beta Sigma.”

On May 4 of 1946, the members of the Alpha Chapter traveled to Lubbock, Texas, to officially install the women of Texas Tech as the Beta Chapter of the National Sorority.

These ladies paved the way for the ladies of Zeta Iota to become better bandswomen, and for this, we honor your legacy.


The Zeta Iota Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma was chartered as the 153rd chapter on May 6, 1978 at Jackson State University by eleven (11) young, talented, and musically inclined ladies.

Big Sister Sandra Toney

Big Sister Gloria Walker

Big Sister JoAnn White

Big Sister Veretta Shankle-Heidleberg

Big Sister Vanessa Mozee

Big Sister Cheryl Wilson

Big Sister Barbara Lewis

Big Sister Sherrion Lewis

Big Sister Juanita Williams

Big Sister Jean-Coney Lane

Big Sister Anna Martin

9 Lives of Tau Beta Sigma ~Spring 1979~

Big Sister Andrea Faye Robinson

Big Sister Tambria Thomas

Big Sister Hazell Bell

Big Sister Cynthia Mosley

Big Sister Natalie Thompson

Big Sister Marcia Allen

Big Sister Pamela Johnson

Big Sister Lorraine Hudson

Big Sister Debbie Brewer

12 Tutti Quasi Line
~Spring 1980~

Big Sister Charles Ann Browner

Big Sister Shirley Watson

Big Sister Elizabeth Neyland

Big Sister Dewillican Wells

Big Sister Ranita Southerland

Big Sister Angela Magee

Big Sister Phyliss Magee

Big Sister Michelle Dunnings

Big Sister Orela Baker

Big Sister Mary Portis

Big Sister Velvie Miller

Big Sister Irma Herron

15 Dolce Senoritas Unido Con Brio ~Spring 1981~

Big Sister Cheryl George

Big Sister Tunya Brown Veal

Big Sister Gail Harper Griggs

Big Sister Joyce Travis Watson

Big Sister Carmen Williams

Big Sister Maxine Sanders

Big Sister Felicia Wilson Norfort

Big Sister Claudie Davis Lamb

Big Sister Suzanne Hughes

Big Sister Lisa Taylor

Big Sister Iris Magee Bonner

Big Sister Lafreda Sias

Big Sister Kaye O’Banner

Big Sister Vivian Artis

Big Sister Kathy Berry

8 Melodicious Mademoiselles of Musical Magic
~Spring 1982~

Big Sister Cheryl Bailey

Big Sister Veronica Moore

Big Sister Tonia Bolden

Big Sister Mable Farish

Big Sister Kathy Washington

Big Sister Sandra Bradford

Big Sister Christal Shirley

Big Sister Wylma Donice King

6 Musically Inclined with Tau Beta Sigma in Mind
~Spring 1983~

Big Sister Donna Cook

Big Sister Corliss Austin

Big Sister Doreen Robinson

Big Sister Glendaria Hampton

Big Sister Martha Collier

Big Sister Shelia Coleman

2 Harmonious Tones of a Dynamic Duet ~Spring 1984~

Big Sister Mi’yetta Emir

Big Sister Wangela Essix

3 Symphonic Songs in Memory of Haughton and Holden ~Spring 1985~

Big Sister Sonya Magee

Big Sister Ava Varnado

Big Sister Alvis Brown

3 Vivacious Dimensions of a Tonic Chord ~Spring 1986~

Big Sister Valerie Martin

Big Sister Karen Wrenn

Big Sister Vyvette Jennings

7 Synthesized Sisters of a Rhythmic Beat ~Spring 1987~

Big Sister Valencia Dorsey

Big Sister Loretta Sims

Big Sister Kimberly Morris

Big Sister Deanna Edwards

Big Sister Deborah Bell

Big Sister Luzetta Young

Big Sister Bernita Ruffin Washington

~Spring 1988~

Big Sister Rhonda Bass

Big Sister Nancy Johnson

3 Musical Miracles of TBS ~Spring 1989~

Big Sister Stephanie O’Quinn

Big Sister Dionne Dickerson

Big Sister Felisa Magee

7 Taunacious Sisters Blended in Perfect Harmony ~Fall 1990~

Big Sister Erica Andrews

Big Sisters Frances Walker

Big Sister Inger Collies

Big Sister Vanessa Johnson

Big Sister Katira L. Wren

Big Sister Francesca L. McKnight

Big Sister Gwendolyn Jones

9 Soulful Survivors Strengthened with the Heart of a New Decade ~Fall 1991~

Big Sister Kenna Richard

Big Sister Felicia Atkins

Big Sister Latisha Lachaunette Williams

Big Sister Theonetta Jean Davis

Big Sister Keisa Pope

Big Sister Carolyn Davis

Big Sister Coretta Magee

Big Sister Kim Redd

Big Sister Tiffany D.M. James

The West Point Players: 6 Diversified Divas Who Dared to Dream ~Fall 1992~

Big Sister Felicia Adams

Big Sister Reca Sherell Powell

Big Sister Stephenie Renae’ Lyles

Big Sister Endora Cross

Big Sister Yvette Monique Short

Big Sister Shawn Marie Meredith Gulley

3 Majestic Melodies Striving for Perfection in Tau Beta Sigma ~Fall 1993~

Big Sister Nora Jones

Big Sister Tamara Joy Barney

Big Sister Robin Mathews

4 Funkedified Ladies with the Determination Not to Accept Defeat ~Fall 1994~

Big Sister RaKisha King

Big Sister Shamika B. Woods

Big Sister Nicole Jackson

Big Sister LaKisha Spears

7 Devilish Phenomenal Crafty Inseparable Sisters Conjoined with Love in the Name of Tau Beta Sigma ~Fall 1996~

Big Sister Claudra Brown

Big Sister Johanna Cannon

Big Sister Ayana Jackson

Big Sister LaTundra Edwards

Big Sister Careese McGee

Big Sister Crystal Thomas

Big Sister Roishina Clay

2 No Limit Soldiers Standing Steadfast for the Love of Zeta Iota ~Spring 1997~

Big Sister LaSundra Vanessa Bellamy

Big Sister Dionne Harrison

3 Part Harmony Magically Making Music for the New Millennium ~Spring 1998~

Big Sister Jennifer Milton

Big Sister Kenyatta McDonald

Big Sister Robyn Jewel Beard

7 Psychedelic Sisters Melodiously Bringing the Funk Into a New Millennium in Zeta Iota ~Fall 1999~

Big Sister Donyale Monique Walls

Big Sister Kenesha Williams

Big Sister Latoria Donald

Big Sister Natalie Anton Young

Big Sister Aquita Michelle Patillo

Big Sister Harriet Course

Big Sister Joy Brownlee

8 C.A.N.T.A.U.B.I.L.E.
~Fall 2000~

Big Sister Ashley Shatora Ellsion

Big Sister LaTasha Denise Middleton

Big Sister Carrie Elizabeth Willoughby

Big Sister LaToya Michelle Reagan

Big Sister Ebony Renea’ Green

Big Sister Reva LaVerne Odom Barnes

Big Sister Esterlener Janeen Polk

Big Sister Kimesha Latiese Worthy

1 W.H.O. L.O.V.E.S. T.A.U. B.E.T.A. S.I.G.M.A. ~Fall 2001~

Big Sister Allison M. Washington

16 N.O.T.E.S. ~Fall 2002~

Big Sister Brittany Moncure

Big Sister Aminah Shakoor

Big Sister LaNeka Lamar

Big Sister Dzondria Jones

Big Sister Siedia Woods

Big Sister Debra Davis

Big Sister Chuntil Benjamin

Big Sister Marcella McCracklin

Big Sister Latoya McMullen

Big Sister Jamie Bennett

Big Sister Sha’Nel Butler

Big Sister Faydrian Jennings

Big Sister Ebonique Martin

Big Sister LeKeisha Blackmon

Big Sister Kaala Hentz

Big Sister Nadia Michelle Dale

9 D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C.S.
~Spring 2004~

Big Sister Jasma Nicole Huddleston

Big Sister Megan Brittany Hill

Big Sister LaKeisha Sharisse Watson

Big Sister Taimei Tanika Harris

Big Sister Marye Bryant Smith

Big Sister Dyneka Lashandra Byrd

Big Sister Kassandra Alisha Bell

Big Sister Tiffany Marie Barner

Big Sister Stephanie Terricia Wilks

7 S.H.O.W.T.I.M.E. ~Fall 2005~

Big Sister Pachen Stirgus

Big Sister Millicent Vaughn

Big Sister Coroma Combs

Big Sister Demenia Cunningham

Big Sister Brittany Young

Big Sister Katreena Shelby

Big Sister Yolanda Bowens

13 G.H.O.S.T.S. ~Spring 2007~

Big Sister Martha Johnson

Big Sister Chloe’ Ashley

Big Sister Courtney Lett

Big Sister Kalondria Niles

Big Sister Dominishia Wilson

Big Sister LaTausha Bonner

Big Sister Joelle Handy

Big Sister Sha’Meka Golson

Big Sister Bridgshe’ Hardy

Big Sister Alana Sweeney

Big Sister Breawna Kirkpatrick

Big Sister Valeshia Sumpter

Big Sister Brittany Cotton

4 D.Y.N.A.M.I.C.S
~Spring 2008~

Big Sister Tia Carr

Big Sister Lisa Shepard

Big Sister Krystle Easley

Big Sister JoVanreis Tolliver

5 A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T.A.L.S
~Spring 2010~

Big Sister Jaleesa Thomas

Big Sister Katerri O’Neal

Big Sister Ikeya Hazard

Big Sister Monique Payton

Big Sister Erica McIntyre

10 C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R.S
~Spring 2011~

Big Sister Victoria Montgomery

Big Sister Labreia Thurman

Big Sister Cambree Alexandria

Big Sister Veronica Cleveland

Big Sister Brittany Jackson

Big Sister Kristin Campbell

Big Sister Jasmine Smith

Big Siten Kristen Nash

Big Sister Patrice Hubbard

Big Sister Ivy Kennedy

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