Technology Research Initiatives


Kamal Ali, Ph.D., Professor, Microprocessor/Embedded Systems; Neural Networks; High frequency RF Channel Characterization; Dependence of Auditory Vigilance on Bandwidth; Heart Rate Variability; High Frequency Acoustics

James Ejiwale, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Manufacturing Management; Facilities Planning & Material Handling; Curriculum Development; Technology Education and Administration; Product Design; Development and Improvement; CAD/CAM

Idehen M. Omoregie Ed.D.  Professor, Software Design and Data Mining; Advance Computer and Manufacturing Technologies; Curriculum Development and Management; Administrative Strategic Design and Management; Teaching Intelligence; Information Technology –Project Management; Intellectual Property; Assessment Management; Impact of Information Technology on Productivity & Quality of Life; Science, Technology, and Society

Jessica Murphy, Ph.D., Professor, Gender Generalization and Equity in Technological Disciplines; Workspace Diversity in the Industrial Environment; Technology Management and Administration; Advance Computer and Manufacturing Technologies; Industrial Safety and Reduction of Occupational Hazards; The Integration of Service Learning in Technology Programs

Hui-Ru Shih, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, CAD/CAM/CAE; Vibration; CNC and Robotics; Control; Design Optimization; Microprocessor Applications; Smart Structures and Structronic Systems; Mechatronics.

Francis Tuluri, Ph.D., Professor, Mechatronics and Robotics; Nanoelectronics; Sensors and Electronics Instrumentation; Computer Technology and Networking; Computer Simulations and Modeling; Soft Materials Science; Engineering Science and Technology Education; Energy and Utilization; and Online Course Development

Pao-Chiang Yuan Ph.D., Professor, Environmental Risk Assessment; Health Risk Assessment; Air and Groundwater Modeling; Application of Geological Information System; Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies; Environmental Training: Asbestos, Lead and Radon