University College is an academic support department. The mission of University College is to provide an academically focused, student-centered, supportive, and structured environment for the entire University Community with an emphasis on freshmen. This department focuses on improving matriculation, retention and graduation rates, increasing student success in academics, and facilitating a smooth transition to the world of higher education.

The goals of University College include the following:

  • To reduce time in remediation
  • To help students meet admission requirements to attain full admission into the University
  • To help students meet graduation requirements


University College supports the mission of the University by providing students with an environment that focuses on academics and supports student success regardless of the individual’s entry level of preparedness. It supports JSU Super Goals #1- Quality Instruction and #4- Strategic Investments in People. In addition, the department supports the Division of Academic Affairs Macro-Level Goal #3- Enhance programs, courses, and academic support services ensuring that students are provided adequate opportunities to become critical thinkers and global leaders.

University College supports Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning Goal #2- Implement the Ayers settlement and #4- Provide support programs and services that enhance student recruiting and retention, timely completion of degrees and attainment of student goals.

University College is under the administration of the Chair, who reports directly to the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs. This department benefits all students, but it has special relevance for the historically by-passed student and is critical to incoming freshmen.

The two units housed in this department are the Developmental and Enhancement Studies Program and the Developmental Program. They consist of the Intermediate and Corequisite Courses and The S.T.A.R.S (Students Trained for Academic Readiness and Success) Program. This department also offers year-round academic support classes augmenting the existing support services, which include peer tutors and mentors, computer-assisted instruction and support lab, as well as counseling and mentoring. Additionally, the department offers the ENG 399 Functional Writing course for juniors and seniors who do not pass the Undergraduate English Proficiency Exam (UEPE). Lastly, it sponsors the following organization: Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Alpha Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, and the Muslim Student Association.