JSU and JSUDF Entrepreneurial Activities

Total Assets: $49,316,176.04


To inspire donors to invest in Jackson State University’s power to transform lives and to better the state, nation, and world.


Vision Statement

As leaders among their peers in higher education and philanthropy, Jackson State University and the Foundation are partners in marshaling resources to provide the University with the philanthropic assets necessary to achieve its aspirations.


Values Statement

The JSUDF adopts INDEPENDENT SECTOR’s statement of values as the highest expression of ethical principles guiding the nonprofit sector.

• Commitment beyond self

• Obedience to the laws

• Commitment beyond the law, “obedience to the unenforceable”

• Commitment to the public good

• Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals

• Tolerance, diversity, and social justice

• Accountability to the public

• Openness and honesty

• Responsible stewardship