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Department of Biology
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


Jackson State University’s degree options in Biology is designed to prepare students for graduate or professional studies, as well as for entering the job market. Students can elect to specialize in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Pre-Health Careers(Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, etc.), or Pre-Health Career Prerequisites (Pre-Dental, Hygiene, Pre-Nursing).


Graduate Students Directory

  Last Name First Name Semester Enrolled Advisor Room Program
  Begum Salma 2015/S Ray 530 PhD
  Cao Bei 2014/S Hill/Magers JSH PhD
  Chavva Suhash 2011/F Ray 530 PhD
  Collins Jasmine 2015/S Ogungbe 522 PhD
  Cooper Precious 2014/F Lee 524 PhD
  Copeland Christopher 2015/F Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Crouch Rebecca 2013/S Ray 530 PhD
  Deng Hua 2013/F Yu 530 PhD
  Demeritte Teresa 2007/F Ray 530 PhD
  Denmark Iris 2015/F Yu 515 PhD
  Farrakhan-Muhammad Aminah 2011/F Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Golius Anastasiia 2011/F Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Guo Kai 2013/F Han 532 PhD
  Haque Syed 2011/F Hossain 527 PhD
  Johnson Corey 2014/S Ogungbe 522 PhD
  Jones Stacey 2014/S Ray 530 PhD
  Kanchanapally Rajashenkar 2010/F Ray 530 PhD
  Kapusta Karina 2015/F Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Khan Mehedi 2012/F Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Mirchi Ali 2012/S Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Nemati Maryam 2015/F     PhD
  Nyamwihura Rogers 2015/F Ogungbe 523 PhD
  Ondera Thomas 2010/F Hamme 513 PhD
  Pan Li 2014/Su Liu 523 PhD
  Raines Shelby 2014/F Hill/Magers JSH PhD
  Rhaman Mhahabubur 2011/F Hossain 527 PhD
  Roy Juganta 2012/F Leszczynski JSH PhD
  Shi Yongliang 2014/F Ray 530 PhD
  Ugobor Nelson 2014/F Ray 530 PhD
  Vangara Aruna 2014/S Ray 530 PhD
  Viraka Nellore Bhanu 2011/S Hamme/Ray 507 PhD
  Walker Shanek 2011/F Hill JSH PhD
  Watkins Marquita 2010/F Laszczynski JSH PhD
  Woods Shawta 2012/F Hill JSH PhD
  Xu Rui 2013/F Liu 523 PhD
  Yancey Denise 2013/F Yu 515 PhD
  Zakaria A.B.M. 2010/F Leszczynska ENG PhD
  Zhang Ying 2011/S Yu 515 PhD
  Zhang Huaisheng 2014/Su Ogungbe 523 PhD
  Allen Obie 2015/F Hill JSH MS
  Alzomat Mahmoud 2015/S     MS
  Amaechi Anthony 2014/F Ogungbe 522 MS
  Assad Jean-Claude 20011/F Hamme 513 MS
  Burrell Jasmine 2014/F Ogungbe 522 MS
  Carter Cord 2014/F Hamme 513 MS
  Celik Ahmed 2013/F Arslan 503 MS
  Corothers Simira 2015/S Ogungbe 522 MS
  Cowan Terriona 2015/F Zhao 507 MS
  Dasary Samuel 2014/S Lee 524 MS
  Gao Ye 2015/F Yu 515 MS
  Guillory Devin 2015/F     MS
  Hammond Neil 2015/F Yu 515 MS


Jefferson Tierra 2013/F Ogungbe 522 MS
  Menon Omkaran 2014/F Hamme 513 MS
  Moore Quentarious 2015/F Leszczynski JSH MS
  Portis Bobby 2014/F Hossain 527 MS
  Vincent Brandy 2011/F Huang 512 MS
  Wilnerys Colberg-Hernandez 2014/F Hill JSH MS


You will gain a wide education in biology, learning about everything from molecular structure in the lab to ecosystems in the outdoors.
You will build leadership, management and many other skills while in the program. After completing all of your degree and training requirements, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. In addition to general course work, you will choose a concentration focusing on your area of interest and career goals. For those hoping to pursue medicine or other health professions, you will learn about the structures and functions of tissues and organs in humans and other animals as well as molecular and cellular biology. Beyond your classroom and lab work, you will also have the opportunity to work directly with faculty members on real-world research using the latest technology, all as a student at Jackson State University.


After completing the program, you will understand the basic biological principles, think logically and communicate clearly within the field and to other researchers, become conscious of social problems relevant to life sciences, prepare for careers in the life sciences, teaching, and graduate studies, provide a strong pre-professional foundation for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, dental hygiene, medical technology, nursing, and medical records administration, and engage in basic and applied research that benefits the local and scientific community, 

“Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”


Your time will be spent collecting and analyzing data or running experiments on state-of-the-art equipment – not solely sitting at desks. The diverse 


Biology majors have a plethora of career options after studying the molecular nature, physiological mechanisms, evolution, and physical structure of life and living organisms:

Biologist Botanist Zoologist Registered Nurse
Pharmacy Technician Phlebotomist Respiratory Therapist Pharmacologist
Biology Teacher Environmental Scientist Quality Control Technician Agricultural Technician
Biomedical Engineer Hydrologist Medical Manager Physician Assistant
Genetic Counselor Legal Specialist Microbiologist Game/Fish Warden
Surgeon Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Occupational Therapist Veterinarian


For many years, we have played a central role in the growth of molecular life sciences and revolution in computational biology.

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For more information, please contact us at (601) 979-2586 or submit your questions and requests to  We look forward to meeting with you and seeing how our program can help you achieve your goals.



John A. Peoples Science Building, Room 335


(601) 979-2586

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Department of Biology,
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P.O. Box 18540, Jackson, MS 39217