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Establishing an Accommodation Plan




If you’re a JSU student and you have a documented disability, the Disability Services Center/ADA Compliance can assist you with a reasonable accommodation in an inclusive learning and working community at Jackson State University.


Navigating Accommodations and Expectations (Updated)



Steps for success:

1.        Complete the appropriate registration. (Academic, Housing, Parking)

2.        Meet with a member of the Disability Services staff.

3.        Provide legal documentation of the disability and have recommended accommodations attached.

4.        Attend a New Student Orientation (NSO).  (FOR STUDENTS NEW TO JSU)

5.        Meet with your instructors.

6.        Renew every semester. (YEARLY FOR JSU EMPLOYEES)

Step 1: Complete registration form. 

To further assist you, please select and complete the appropriate ADA Accommodations Registration Form(s). Completing this form will start the process for receiving services.

Step 2: Meet with a member of the Disability Services staff.

Be prepared to talk about your disability and how it affects your learning and your ability to participate in JSU programs. Compile a list of your questions and concerns prior to meeting. You may schedule an appointment by contacting us at 601.979.3704 or emailing us at

Step 3: Be prepared to provide documentation.

If you are requesting accommodations, you will be asked to provide documentation of your disability (also referred to as third party documentation) and any additional information to support your request. Third party documentation may consist of an IEP/504 plan, recent diagnostic evaluation, or a letter from a qualified professional that explains more about your disability and how your disability impacts your participation in University programs. If you have third party documentation, you are encouraged to present it for the initial appointment or email it to (A Service and Emotional Support Animal Registration packet MUST be completed prior to bringing any animal on campus.)

Step 4: Attend New Student Orientation (NSO). (FOR STUDENTS NEW TO JSU)

At New Student Orientation (NSO), you’ll receive a folder containing information about the Disability Center, explanations of policies and procedures and an Accommodations Memo.

Step 5: Meet with your professors.

Before classes start set up appointments to meet with your instructors, preferably during their office hours, to talk about your disability, and review the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities and your Accommodation Plan. Then develop a plan for the semester.  If you’ve been approved to receive exam accommodations, complete the Test Administration Form so your instructors can complete their section. A copy of your Certificate of Accommodations will be emailed to your instructor from the Disability Services office upon approval. 

Step 6: Renew your Accommodation Plan every semester.

Once you have received accommodations for your first semester, you can quickly and easily renew your accommodation plan for all following semesters by completing a new registration form.  Each semester you will need to meet with all of your instructors to discuss your Certificate of Accommodations and create an accommodation plan for each course.