Student Organizations

Students organizations are a vital entity at Jackson State. Each organization provides and promotes leadership development, community service, and school spirit. Each year, active organizations sponsor various activities such as seminars, lecture series, social and cultural events. At Jackson State, we recognize more than 90 active student organizations. The CSLEI maintains current information on each organization, its officers, calendar of events, advisor(s) and roster of active members.  For more information, please contact Tasha Watson, 601-979-1179.


Pan Hellenic – Jackson State University Pan Hellenic Council, which is nationally affiliated is the governing body of the nine recognized Greek Letter Organizations.

Academic – Honor societies/groups recognize high levels of academic performance and require demonstrated interest in a particular field of study or academic discipline.

Residential – Representation from each of the seven dormitories work along with the housing department.

Religious – Religious organizations serve as spiritural outlets for students of various denominations.

Special Interest – Special Interest groups represent recreational interest, special needs and skills, civic and social issues and allow students to give service to our university and community.

How to Charter an Organization

A group of ten or more currently enrolled full—time undergraduate students with a 2.5 overall cumulative grade point average and who are not on academic or disciplinary probation may submit.

An application for a registered student organization following these steps:

  • Complete a New Student Organization Application
  • Secure two faculty/ professional staff advisors who are full-time JSU employees, and have the advisors read and sign the Guidelines for Organizations & Advisor Agreement  
  • Develop a constitution and bylaws to govern the organization; See a template here
  • Limit group membership to JSU students; submit this membership roster of interested students with J#’s
  • Not deny membership to any student based on race, creed, color, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, sex, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, or veteran’s status. 

    Single sex membership may he allowed if organization meets the provisions of Section 86.14 of the regulations promulgated under title IX of the US. Education Act Amendment of 1972.

  • Agree to conduct organization affairs in accordance with institutional regulations. Once the application for university charter is received by the Center for Engagement and Leadership, the packet will be reviewed to ensure completeness and forwarded to the Student Organization Committee to review for approval or denial.


Student Organization Contact List