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Division of Student Affairs

Blue Key Honor Society

"Student Affairs Cares"

Blue Key Honor Society recognizes deserving students who have a demonstrated record of success and excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Blue Key Honor Society salutes observable meritorious achievement and continued growth, development, and leadership by example.

Blue Key Honor Society recognizes the uppermost percentile of students who have a distinguished and balanced record in all areas.

Individuals selected for Blue Key Honor Society must meet these criteria as outlined below:

1. Scholarship – Members must have a distinguished achievement in classroom and meritorious activity that recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge, learning and scholarly performance.
2. Leadership – Members must have a distinguished record of leadership and achievement in student organizations, student life, professional associations, or institutional organizations that promote community service, life skills, professional development, or institutional advancement.
3. Service – Members must have a distinguished pattern of service to others, to campus life, or to the greater community.
4. Character and Integrity – Members must have a distinguished pattern of honesty and trustworthiness in personal behavior. They shall be reputable among peers as well as institutional and community leaders.

1. Blue Key members must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
2. These students shall be juniors, seniors, or graduate students.

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