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Payment Plans

If the financial aid award does not cover all costs to attend for the semester, the University offers a payment plan.  The payment plan option is offered to students as an alternate payment method for paying tuition, fees, housing, meal plans and other institutional costs in equal monthly payments over the course of the term.

The cost to participate in the payment plan is $100 (non-refundable) and the student account will not be assessed any finance charges. The payment plan can be set up in the student’s JSU PAWS Account by accessing the Jackson State University Bill Payment Suite.

    • Enrollment in a Payment Plan can only be completed online by the student or an Authorized User on the student’s account after logging in to the Student Account.  
    • An Installment Payment Plan is designed to accommodate only one payment plan per student per semester.
    • All payments to satisfy the Installment Payment Plan must be made online via the student account by the Student/Authorized Payer.
    • The first payment is calculated on the balance due after all student aid has been reflected on the semester bill.
    • If the charges or credits are adjusted after the payment plan has been established, the monthly installment will automatically be recalculated to reflect the adjusted balance.
    • Student aid, third-party payments or external awards and scholarships  can be used to satisfy the required installment payment.
    • Students/Authorized Payers enrolling in the Installment Payment Plan must pay with either a credit or debit card and agree to sign up for auto-deduction for the remaining installments.
    • If at any time a scheduled payment is not received, the University has the right to place a “Hold” on the student’s account until the required payment has been satisfied.  This will ensure that the University receives regularly scheduled payments, as agreed by the student accepting the payment plan.
    • Non-compliance with the Installment Payment Plan Agreement (non-payment, returned payments, etc.) may also result in removal from the Installment Payment Plan, which will restrict the ability to continue to enroll in the Installment Payment Plan for future semesters.
    • The assigned payment due date cannot be changed.