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THD Visitor Pass

Visitation Policy

Visitation is a privilege and not a right. The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to suspend or cancel visitation at any time. Residents are responsible for all actions of their guests and are responsible for informing their guests of housing rules and regulations. The University allows students to have guests visit their room at specified times. Co-ed visitation at times other than those specified is prohibited and violators are subject to a fine and disciplinary action. 

Failure to sign in or sign-out, late check-out, failure to escort a guest, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, or other violations of the visitation policy will be referred to the judicial system with the possibility of fines, removal of housing privileges and/or termination of Housing and Residence Life agreements. 

Students in quarantine/isolation due to Covid-19 will have visitation privileges suspended during their quarantine/isolation period.

Visitation Hours 

Visitation for housing students will be allowed during the following days and times:

  •         Sunday-Thursday, 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.
  •         Friday & Saturday, 4 p.m. – Midnight

Visitation will be suspended during times of limited operations (i.e. Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and during Winter Break).


Guests are defined as individuals who do not reside in the host’s residential community. All guests must be currently enrolled students at Jackson State University. To allow for physical distancing, residents will be limited to 1 (one) guest per resident during visitation hours. 

Visitation Procedures

All guests must complete a temperature check using the temperature scanner at the front desk. Guests with temperature readings above 100.4 (F) will not be allowed to check in.

  1.       The host must meet his/her guest at the lobby/front desk. Residents of University Pointe must check-in at the University Pointe Clubhouse.
  2.       At the front desk, staff will verify visitor passes and record the names of the host and guest, the date and time, the room number, and the valid phone number of the host.
  3.       The guest and host must present their student ID at the front desk. 
  4.       Guest and host must remain together at all times while in the building/community with the exception of bathroom use. Guests of the opposite sex must use the guest restrooms near the          lobby. The host must escort the guest to and from the guest restroom. Guests in University Pointe may use the host’s bathroom during visitation hours.
  5.       The host is responsible for the actions of his/her guest while checked-in.
  6.       The host must escort the guest to the front desk when checking out. The hall staff will record the departure time of the guest and sign out the guest’s visitor pass.


Failure to sign in or sign-out; late check-out; failure to escort a guest; inappropriate or disruptive behavior these and/or other violations of Visitation/Housing policies will be referred to the Department of Housing and Residence Life with the possibility of fines, removal of visitation privileges and/or termination of housing/residence life agreements. 

Residential students must attend a mandatory visitation meeting prior to visitation being allowed. If any policies or procedures of the Housing and Residence Life Handbook and/or Student Handbook are violated, residents may be subject to student conduct sanctions and/or removal of housing privileges. 

Visitation will be suspended during times of limited operations (i.e. Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and during Winter Break).

Infants and Small Children 

Infants and small children are not permitted to enter or stay overnight in the living areas of the living communities. Babysitting in the residence hall is strictly prohibited. When children visit the living communities, a parent must accompany them at all times. Persons failing to adhere to this regulation will be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in a disciplinary warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion.