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Department of Interdisciplinary Alcohol/Drug Studies Center


  • In 2016, IADSC launched a new student program on campus called Prevention SQUAAD “Students Quest –United against Alcohol/Drugs.”  This is a new program designed to educate students about the effect that drugs have on retention, employment and other life choices.  This is a student led venture and thus far we have over twenty-five Peer SQUADD members.
  • We were successful with our Billboard Campaign.   The Center had two billboards flyers selected to be placed on JSU digital boards from August 2015 to January 2016.   The exposure of prevention messages helped to reach over 30,000 students and people in the surrounding communities who were exposed to these billboards as they travel to and from work each day.   
  • We are also proud of our partnership with MCLIP (Mississippi Community Partners and Interfaith Partnerships) a coalition developed by MS Department of Mental Health and  SAMSHA to bring communities together on one accord concerning substance abuse and  other issues.  We Co-hosted the first Interfaith Conference here at Jackson State in August, over 375 people attended.  These partnerships have created opportunities for our program to network with other agencies and hopefully help create internships, community service placement and jobs for our graduates.
  • We are extremely proud of our project called “Fast Forward” this is a series of educational workshops designed to prepare our students for the work force and to help retain students in our department.  


These sessions are conducted throughout the year on different topics to include:  ethics, counseling techniques, HIV Education, crime and substance abuse, cultural diversity, QPR, TIPS and other classes that can be used toward various certifications and licensures.  Thus far 2015-2016, we have certified twenty-nine graduate students in TIPs and Life Skills and thirty graduate students in QPR.    All of these are national evidence based curriculums that are used by various agencies in the social service and criminal justice field.    These certifications can be used to enhance their resumes and as a form of job skills when seeking employment.   Our project especially targets Graduate students who attend classes at night and do not always have access to the various activities that are offered during the day.    The plan for this semester is to conduct evening workshops and we hope professors will bring their classes.

  • HIV/Substance Student Assessment:

The Center is presently conducting an assessment on the behaviors and knowledge of students on HIV/Substance.  The assessment will measure student’s knowledge on HIV and substance use, their behaviors associated with drug use, and the risk factors associated with unprotected sex.  Thus, far over 800 surveys have been completed. The target is 1000 by April, 2017.

Interdisciplinary Alcohol and Drug Studies Center


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