Job Shadow


Joshua Kelley is a 9th student at Sumner Hill Junior High School in Clinton MS. On March 25, 2019 he job shadowed Senior IT Specalist John Young at the Jackson State E Center.  "The reason why I chose to work with him is because of his interest in the Computer Science Career. I like computer science because I always wanted to know how are the programs made to make the computer run its important functions. I am going to earn my Masters/ Phd Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering from Jackson State University".




Some of my favorite websites are,

MIT DesignerThis websites allows you to make easy apps for your android phone.
Tinkercad– This websites allows you to make 3d objects for free and print them in a 3d printer.
AEOP– This websities allows highschool students to find S.T.E.M programs in their area and some programs offers a stipend at the end.