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4th Annual PRISM Concert


The PRISM Concert features all university music ensembles, strategically placed throughout the auditorium and performing in rapid-fire format. The source of sound shifts dramatically throughout the program as if sound were being refracted like light through a prism. Lighting, sound, and choreography create a unique concert experience which is high energy and fun for the entire family.

The purpose of this kind of concert is to provide an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of music at its highest level through listening and experiences with vocal and instrumental performance. This concert will provide an opportunity for self-expression, while development of musical talent will create performance discrimination for enjoyment later in life.

Ticket Information:
Cost: $10.00 each  – General Admission
Cost: $5.00 each with ID  – Students, Military Members, and Senior Adults 
Date: Friday, February 9, 2024 at 11:00 am
Venue: Rose McCoy Auditorium  (Corner of Prentiss and Lynch Streets)

Purchase Tickets:

For more information call (601) 979-2141

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